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Success in the eyes of senior management requires a 360 understanding of business objectives, technologies and quantitative performance metrics.  They demand for proven results.

Our principle is quick and simple. Customer should demand more than 100% of satisfaction. We listen and respond to our customers by creating a clear communication and expectations

Our goal is to optimize your technology solutions, and assist you to achieve a justifiable return on your technology investment.

Solvecomp Business and Technology Consulting

Solvecomp Technologies has formulated its services to assure the performance of customers' technology environment during and beyond individual projects.  To accomplish this objective, Solvecomp employs and maintains a highly defined and comprehensive quality management program.

Solvecomp helps customers around the world in different industries to build a solid foundation in Information Technology for business growth. Our focus on delivering quality cost-effective solutions that help customers realize their investment produces the best return.

We work with our customers to assess, plan, analyze and document the significant projects it takes to improve your technology solution and initiatives.

With over a decade of business and technology experience, Solvecomp helps business and executives fulfill the mission to lead, innovate, transform, and transcend.


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Solvecomp announced in January 2007 that it would enter the Zune accessories market..(more)


Solvecomp celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary, we are looking forward the wonders of the next decade...(more)


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