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Success Stories

Business use Solvecomp Technologies to drive their business success.  Learn how Solvecomp is helping its clients drive better business and can help you reach your business objectives.

Dr. Ma's cardiovascular medicine practice, technology and services in the San Jose region.  With 4 office & clinics in the area, Solvecomp Technologies manages Dr. Ma's system and network infrastructures to ensure his patience's' data be available any time and any where since 1999.


Solvecomp has considered its partners to be a natural extension of our open, flexible and scalable offerings. We think partnering with us make sense - because together, we can create a win-win solution and deliver the most comprehensive, integrated solutions to our mutual customers.




Solvecomp announced in January 2007 that it would enter the Zune accessories market..(more)


Solvecomp celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary, we are looking forward the wonders of the next decade...(more)


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