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Founded in 1996, Solvecomp Technologies was founded as a computer hardware company. Throughout the years, Solvecomp Technologies evolved and has become an IT solution provider. We provide various kinds of solution in the information technologies field, including application design and engineering, system and network integrations.

With its dedicated and technically qualified team comprising of Business and IT professionals, Solvecomp Technologies have clear lead in terms of expertise in various spectrum of technology.  All its team members have rich expereince in their respective fields.  We at Solvecomp share a common vision of delivering a world class IT solutions to corporate, SME's and individual in order to enable them at competitive edge.

Our milestones
  • In 1997, Solvecomp Technologies has become AMD authorized reseller.
  • In 1998, we expanded our services to system and network consulting, including Year 2000 conversion and verification services.
  • In 1999, we developed an online, web-based MIS system for small to medium size business entities.
  • In 2000, we expanded our services from computer engineering into Business IT Consulting.
  • In 2001, we expanded our services into telecommunications field.
  • In 2002, we began to develop a complete Business and IT solution for our customers, specializing in assiting medical particiners in HIPPA compliances on their IT environment. Solvecomp Technologies also announced the upcoming "B" business model for our clients.
  • In 2003, we expanded our consulting services into business intelligence and data warehousing sectors.
  • In 2004, we launched on-demand IT maintenance services for SMEs.
  • In 2006, Solvecomp celebrated its 10th year anniversary.
  • In 2007, we expanded our product offering in mobile entertainment sector.


Solvecomp announced in January 2007 that it would enter the Zune accessories market..(more)


Solvecomp celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary, we are looking forward the wonders of the next decade...(more)


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